The Problem with Vegan Loaf

I have the same problem with vegan meatloaf (I call it “meefloaf”) every time I make it. No matter what recipe for lentil loaf or nut loaf or veggie loaf I make it always (Always, ALWAYS) ends up mushy. As in I-could-serve-it-with-a-spoon mushy. It’s nothing like the firm, sliceable loaves my mother made. Granted, she…


This giant plate of food at the co op. Brown rice, teriaki sietan, broccoli, and roasted squash. Also a bottle of reed’s extra ginger ginger beer (not pictured).


One-fisted happy worker burrito, no cheese from Burrito Union. Chips and some salsa. I may have also doused the whole thing in hot sauce. 🙂 Oh, I also had a little bit of dark chocolate.

Back to basics . . . and childhood.

My parents used to make what they would call a “hamburger hotdish” for dinner a lot of the time while I was growing up.  It was a dish similar to hamburger helper that was made on the stove top in a big ass skillet.  It was pretty simple, ground beef, onions, celery, macaroni and canned…

Ugly Food

I was feeling lazy last night.  All I wanted to do was put warm food in my mouth and watch a movie.  Problem was I didn’t have anything I could just warm up and eat . . . which meant I had to cook. I groaned at the thought.  I’d been grocery shopping all day…