First Taste: Cashew of the Woods

I recently won a brand new (super duper special, unreleased) new flavor of vegan cheese from my favorite vegan cheese producer, Punk Rawk Labs. I wanted to share the experience of tasting it for the first time with all of you, so I made a video.

You can check it out above (assuming I embeded it correctly) or check out my new video First Taste: Punk Rawk Labs’ Cashew of the Woods.

Note: I shot this a while ago but didn’t get around to learning how to use Adobe Premier to edit it until now. (Please be kind, I haven’t made videos in a while.)

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  1. Alissa says:

    I love this video so much. Also, my roomate, Dennis, loves Pancakes. Sorry we are not more available in San Francisco right now. We are working on that. Actually, we are really struggling to get our product out there right now as we are very small and do not have the same kinds of resources financially as many of the brands that have started after us. That’s what it takes to get your product out there. $$$$$ But we are really trying hard! We have good availability right now in Seattle, Minneapolis, and very soon in Austin. Thanks for spreading the word about what we are doing!

    1. Regina says:

      This post was great! Unfortunately, a candidates religion is one of the most important factors for me in deciding who to vote for. And it's becuase of so many of the facts you have mentioned. My son will not say the entire pledge of alligence – we don't belive in God – hence 'one nation under God'. He also doesn't say 'and justice for all' because he doesn't believe there IS justice for all. I think it takes a very intelligent and moa/yllrethical person to be a leader of our country and keep his religion separate from how he leads.

  2. Alissa says:

    just a note that we finally released this product!

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