The Problem with Vegan Loaf

I have the same problem with vegan meatloaf (I call it “meefloaf”) every time I make it. No matter what recipe for lentil loaf or nut loaf or veggie loaf I make it always (Always, ALWAYS) ends up mushy. As in I-could-serve-it-with-a-spoon mushy. It’s nothing like the firm, sliceable loaves my mother made. Granted, she made them out of dead animal, but that’s neither here nor there. The issue is, I want meefloaf that slices! I want sammich fillings and chewy, forkable mouthfulls of savory goodness.  It’s not that any of the loaves I’ve ever made have had a bad flavor, or were poorly seasoned, I’ve just always been disappointed by their texture.

White platter with green beans, ketchup glazed meefloaf, and roasted potatoes.

Last Night’s Dinner. Meefloaf, roasted potatoes, and steam fried green beans with garlic and lemon peel.

Thinking I’d hit on a possible solution, last night I tried making a meefloaf out of LightLife ground fake beef and ground fake sausage.  But knowing that those products –while delicious– tend to be a tad bit dense and heavy on their own, I decided to cut it with about four slices of dried whole wheat bread that had been soaked in some hot water to rehydrate them.  I added onion, garlic, finely diced carrot, soy sauce, some peanut butter, an egg replacer, and various herbs and spices. I baked this creation at 400 degrees for an hour and a half with a ketchup glaze for the last 20 minutes.  While it was a tasty loaf… it was still wet, still mushy.


Really, I think the mistake here was the rehydrated bread. I think it’s why my meefloaf is so doughy. Has anyone had success with a vegan loaf? Tell me your secrets!

Back to Blogging after 2 1/2 Years?

Oh, hello.

I did not die or go into witness protection or otherwise cease to exist on the Internets. I was experimenting with my forms of expression and such.  That, and finishing my philosophy degree, doing a year of service in AmeriCorps, and working event logistics for a multi-million dollar fundraiser.

So… I’ve been busy.

I tried the YouTube thing for a while and while I liked being able to present what I do in a more visual format, I’m just not good on camera.  That, and making a post is so labor-intensive.  While I’m a fairly capable video editor, shooting, editing, and posting a cooking video would take at least 8 hours –that’s a full day’s worth of work to get new content out.  (Not to mention that actually making the food takes at least twice as long as it normally would.)  Whereas writing takes a couple hours, I snap a few photos while I’m cooking, do some quick photoshop edits, and MAGIC! NEW CONTENT!

What’s changed in my life…

I live in San Francisco now.  It’s beautiful here and I never want to leave.  I moved here for my year of AmeriCorps service in February of 2012.  I have a partner, his name is Tom.  He is also vegan but he’s not a cook like me (which is probably one of the reasons our relationship works, I couldn’t handle being in a relationship with someone who was as skilled with and as opinionated about food as I am).  We have a dog, his name is Pancakes.  Pancakes the dog also has a blog, which, once I start updating again, I will post a link to.  Aaaaaannnnddddd…….. I am currently unemployed.

That’s probably what has prompted the blogging, all this time on my hands.

Soon, I hope to re-do the blog layout and make some delicious content.  I’ve got a backlog of recipes I’ve created in the meantime and need to get them out into the world somehow.  So, let’s see what I can get done around here.