Still sick.


I’m too sick to record food today. I’ma just take a nap, k? K.




A giant smoothie.

3/4 cup plain soy yogurt
6 oz. Orange juice
2 scoops trader joe’s vanilla soy protien powder
1/2 cup frozen peaches
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1 tablespoon sweetner of your choice (I’m out of everything else, so I just used some unrefined sugar)

Just blend it up and put it in a giant cup. Makes about 24 oz. This is a meal, not a beverage, so don’t come bitching to me about how it has like 500 calories.

I took Friday off.

Hey folks. I took Friday off from meal tracking. I woke up feeling kinda sick. Also, I had dinner plans with a friend involving a big pile of thai red curry with coconut milk and deep fried tofu. The last thing I needed was y’all judging me for the absurd amount of celebratory curry I ate.

I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Promise.