On Google and Nestle

Real talk, folks. I know that this is Vegan MoFo, but as a student of ethics, an Android OS user, and a huge fan of the Googles (seriously, I have a squishable Google Chrome logo on my desk), I feel that I need to speak out about this. I also feel it is necessary to note that this is an opinion. Please do your own research and decide how you feel about this for yourself.

Yesterday, Google announced the name of it’s new version of the Android operating system. Instead of the rumored “Android Key Lime Pie” Google entered into a partnership with Nestle to name the new OS “Android KitKat.” The CNN article attached to that link cites that developers named it after the KitKat bars they consumed while programming the new version. But, I’m guessing with the marketing campaign following this announcement –including Android-branded KitKat bars hitting supermarket shelves– the decision is a bit more involved than that. Continue reading